Thursday, 10 June 2010


First the good news: another win at Touch Rugby on Tuesday night against a very decent team from Watford. And we certainly had to battle for it, being two tries behind for the majority of the game before coming back to win 12-9 in the final quarter. Great game, end-to-end action and both teams played some really good stuff.

Now the not so great news: midway through the second half I managed to pull my left hamstring. I should have known better, but I nevertheless contrived to sell a ridiculously ambitious dummy before accelerating past the flummoxed defender to score in the corner, an act which my poor hammy was so unused to it decided to down tools and go on strike.
I did attempt to continue but pretty quickly realised that my game was over and, strangely enough, my exit more or less coincided with my team taking the lead. Funny, that.

Yesterday was therefore a fairly painful day (although, to be fair, today has seen an improvement). I’ve no idea how long this sort of injury takes to heal as, to put it all in context, I don’t believe I have had a hamstring injury since the mid eighties (that’s the nineteen eighties, in case you were wondering). I’m pretty sure it’s not a major strain - technically it may be classed as more of a "tweak" than a pull. Ice and rest is, I believe, the answer with the hope that the usual 3-4 weeks prognosis doesn't apply here.

To be honest, despite the discomfort I’m fairly chuffed to have found my hamstrings at all as I had assumed that they had withered away long ago.

After all, only finely tuned athletes pull hamstrings (don’t they?)

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