Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Moans & Groans

Or, how not to get selected by your country...

I had to laugh out loud at Delon Armitage's comments earlier this week that his chronic lack of form during this year's Six Nations was the fault of the England coaching staff.

Apparently it was their safety-first instructions, rather than his own ineptitude, that caused him to play "like a robot."

This of course also explains why Ben Foden was such an indecisive failure as England's fullback in Paris and why Armitage was such a roaring success in yesterday's 28-all draw against the Aussie BaaBaas. Not.

Nevertheless, I agree that the England management were to blame to some degree. Purely on the basis of form Armitage should not have been selected.


Nursedude said...

He really took a step backwards as a player this year. Very disappointing year for club and country.

Anonymous said...

There’s a disturbing pattern emerging of fast, talented, attacking backs joining the England set up and then going downhill and kicking randomly. Armitage’s words, and the performance (or lack of it) of Foden, after both made promising starts to their international careers, are actually pointing to a real question here; are the England coaches actually making good players worse? My goodness, get rid of the coaches altogether; at least the players might remain at the same standard as when they started.