Monday, 28 June 2010

Out of Africa

It appears that the sport of rugby is not immune to (or is it 'from' - I can never remember) ridiculous Nigerian email scams.

You know the sort - where you get an email from an apparent rogue employee of a Nigerian government department who needs to transfer a large amount of money out of the country and can only do so with your help, promising you a significant percentage of the loot if only you'll first help cover certain "expenses".

Well, apparently (and I'm not making this up) it has come to the attention of the IRB and the South African Rugby Union that a Nigerian-based scam is now targetting rugby players and coaches seeking positions abroad.

The scam allegedly involves players and coaches being asked to send money in order to secure visas and playing licences at rugby clubs and colleges which either do not exist or are blissfully unaware of what is going on. The IRB have - perhaps a little unnecessarily - warned all players and coaches to check with the clubs and colleges in question before parting with their money.

I have 2 questions:

(1) can anyone actually have been gullible enough to fall for one of these scams and

(2) why do they always appear to stem from Nigeria?


Anonymous said...

Because, Sah, Nigeria is wonderful country for rugby play; many opportunities for play rugby and earn good money play for Prince’s team in big championship yes sah!

Just give me bank account numbah and I fix for you!


On behalf of His Highness Prince M’Swindlah Biggaloadacash

Nursedude said...

Even by African standards, the level of corruption in Nigeria is breathtaking. I actually get quite a few similar e-mails from the widow of former Dictator Samuel Abacha and former Liberian President Samual Doe.