Monday, 5 July 2010

Scrum dot gone?

According to a so called expert (i.e. someone who clearly knows nothing about rugby), scrums should be banned in schools to protect children.

This is the conclusion reached this week by Professor Allyson Pollock, director of Edinburgh University's Centre for International Public Health Policy following a study carried out during 190 rugby matches at five schools, during which a grand total of 37 injuries were recorded.

"If youngsters were coming back from school trips with these rates of injuries it would be enough to trigger a major inquiry," says Prof Pollock, missing the point entirely.

Perhaps she thinks it is healthier for kids to stay indoors in front of a TV or computer all day and no doubt she is also recommending that hockey be played without sticks, that cricket be played with a soft foam ball and that children be banned from riding horses?


Anonymous said...

Once again I can't but agree with you; the level of injuries is not significant and is statistically biased. Before we make any misjudged recommendation we should look at the type of injury and not compare them with going on a school trip - my God what a stupid comment. Has this person ever played rugby? Have they ever played in the scrum and seen the safety training that goes on? they're just another Gid bothering , H&S obsessed non entity.

John Birch said...

Also, of those 37 injuries, only 20 required a trip to A&E (and you can bet that a school would send anyone to A&E pretty damn quick to avoid litigation!). In other words nearly half required no more than a wet sponge and/or sticking plaster

And actually, given 190 school trips featuring at least 30 children in each. I'd like to bet that there would be a pretty comparable rate of bumps, scrapes, heat stroke, sickness, etc. etc.

More relevantly, could someone provide similar data for football and basketball games?

Nursedude said...

Just another attempt by the education system to "Make boys safer". We have people like this in the US, too.

To be honest, I would rather that my grandson plays rugby than Ice Hockey, American football, gymnastics and diving-the latter three have very high levels of neck and C-spine injuries in kids.

Anonymous said...

Aside from being typical bloody 'elf and safety nannying, this is actually a dangerous idea. Kids learn to scrummage while they're supple and can grow the strength and develop the skills they'll need as adult players. If this idea were to go ahead, I'm sure there'd be many more serious injuries in the adult game a few years down the line, as inexperienced, weak young players attempt to scrummage for the first time, possibly against gnarled old props who learned to scrummage in mini rugby.

Bloody stupid.

Geoffrey said...

If they are not taught the techniques of scrummaging at school then they will almost certainly get injured when playing club rugby or even in training.
At my school, even though I was not a forward at the time we were all taught the basics of the scrum.

Nanny state at it's worst.