Monday, 2 August 2010

Welcome back

Just think. There you are, a better than average winger turning out regularly for Hull Ionians in National League 2 North, training a couple of times a week, having a few bevvies with the boys afterwards and generally feeling pretty good about yourself. Pre-season training is well underway - it's hard but you're getting fitter slowly but surely and you're beginning to feel sharp and ready for the new season.

You've taken a look at the fixture list for the coming season and note that the first league game is at home against Fylde. Not bad, you think, they finished a couple of places higher than us last season but we can definitely beat them on our own patch.

And then someone whispers into your ear - Fylde have signed Jason Robinson. What - Jason who used to work on the deli counter at Tescos and played Colts rugby with us a couple of years ago? No, THE Jason Robinson, League and Union legend, England and Lions legend, possibly the best player this country has ever seen and did I mention he's a LEGEND?

Blimey. Better turn up for training this week then.


From the bottom of the ruck said...

Hopefully age will have slowed him to a slo-mo replay of his former self!

Rugbydad said...

Even jogging bacwards Jason would be a bugger to stop. Good to see that he doesn't need the glory of top flight rugby to enjoy himself. When he gets his wind back he might even try his hand at league again. That would be worth seeing.