Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pitbull on Ice?

What do Kyran Bracken, Matt Dawson and Austin Healy have in common?

Easy - they were all competing scrum halves in Clive Woodward's England team circa 1999-2003.

OK, what do those 3 also have in common with Josh Kronfeld, Norm Hewitt, Wendell Sailor, Martin Offiah, Kenny Logan and Gavin Henson?

The answer, believe it or not, is that they have all appeared as contestants in a reality TV dancing show, whether that be Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing with the Stars or Dancing on Ice.

And now it is rumoured that this illustrious group of former rugby players (and I use the term "former" advisedly) is to be joined by none other than Brian "Beware of the Dog" Moore.

Yes, the Pitbull is said to be in training with a view to take part in the new series of Dancing on Ice, due to hit our screens in January, where it is thought he will pit his spins and toe loops against the likes of such luminaries as Jilly Goolden, Calum Best and...wait for it...Vanilla Ice. I kid you not.

The New Year can't come soon enough...

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