Monday, 6 September 2010


The New Zealand women's rugby team are simply outstanding.
Not only did they beat an excellent England team in Sunday's Women's RWC Final to secure their 4th consecutive world title, they did so having played hardly any international rugby during the past 4 years.

Consider this. From losing to New Zealand in the 2006 RWC final in Canada through to the start of this tournament, the England team played over 30 matches, winning the Six Nations on 4 occasions (including 3 Grand Slams) and arguably setting the standard for women's international rugby worldwide.
The Black Ferns, on the other hand, played 6 times in the same period. That's all - SIX matches in 4 years, an astonishing statistic which makes their victory on Sunday all the more remarkable.


anne bebbington said...

However 6 matches was just enough to help them remember how to repeatedly infringe as many of the laws of the game as they could manage in 80 minutes - yes they were good, but yes they were also just about as good at chancing their arm to see what they could get away with as their male counterparts! Fair play to the Aussie Ref for 3 yellow cards - there should have been at least one red!

Anonymous said...

Anne, at least one of those yellow cards was unnecessary and England should have have got a yellow card too for repeated infringements in the second half. As for a red card, that's ridiculous.

However, the fact remains that England were good but just not good enough. You cannot lose a game when the opponents are down to 14 for 30 minutes of a game. The better prepared and better funded English team failed to take their chances against opponents. NZ on the other hand showed real class and determination not to concede points when they were only 13 and to score a try when they were down to 14. It was a great game of rugby from both sides and a wonderful advertisement for women's rugby. Away with the sour grapes, NZ are the deserved champions. Let's hope NZRFU now will take women's rugby seriously and give the sort of support to women's rugby that RFU gives. But that's scary, isn't it?