Friday, 3 September 2010

What Danny did next #3

He may claim that it's all just a bit of fitness training, but Danny Cipriani's continued flirtation with the round ball game suggests otherwise.

After stints with with QPR and Spurs in London it appears that Cipriani is now flaunting his wares at the MLS team the Colorado Rapids in the USA.

Apparently a talented footballer as a teenager (he was once offered youth terms by Reading), Cipriani is, according to Rapids' communication manager Jason Gilham, looking to secure a contract with the MLS franchise.

"I think he is looking at that possibility," says Gilham. "It is something that is being looked at from both sides."

Danny is, of course, still expected to show up in to Australia shortly to play for the Melbourne Rebels who are expecting him on 1st October.

"We have seen no evidence to say that he is not coming," says Rebels coach Rod McQueen. "Other than the fact that he's lifting his skirt for any football team that'll have him." (OK, so I made up that last bit).

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MarkJones85215 said...

Apparently he's going to be playing for the Baabaas vs Boks on Dec 4th this year at Twickers...