Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Above the law

It would appear that All Blacks coach, the Right Reverend Graham Henry, is above the law.

A report by 3News in New Zealand suggests that our favourite preacher was pulled over by police on Auckland's waterfront last Friday evening after being clocked travelling at 81kph in a 50kph area. That's 50mph in a 30mph area in real money.

Henry was, however, allegedly let off the speeding charge, what with him being the coach of the All Blacks and a man of the cloth and all that.

We are suitably outraged.


Unknown said...

..and JPR would never have been done for Drink driving back in 1973..

Ciaron said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah, It now transpires that the cop who pulled him over was, get this: not qualified to operate the laser gun, and hence, could not issue a ticket. Apparently Ted wasn't the only one stopped that night and the cops have had to re-think their road tax, I mean safe driving policy...

Oh, by the way, could one or two of your forwards organize a career ending incident for Stephen Donald? Seems Ted can't see that the Waikato Show Pony or WSP, can't hack it at the top.