Monday, 15 November 2010

The big question

I was once again confined to quarters for Saturday's internationals, having fallen victim to a vomiting bug that visited the entire Flanker family at the weekend. Furthermore, not being a Sky subscriber I had to make do, somewhat unsatisfactorily, with the BBC's highlights of Saturday's epic England performance at Twickenham (having first watched Wales blow a healthy lead against South Africa and endured Scotland's capitulation to Sonny Bill Williams).

The whims of the television producer often mean that it's difficult to know whether a highlights package accurately reflects the actual game but, from what I witnessed, England were very, very good. Scarily so in fact.

Much has been written elsewhere about England's display and there's been much talk of the team "coming of age". There's not much I can add but it does look as if there might, just might, now be a core of young English players who could be around for years to come.

The big question now is whether the performance was a one-off, or whether it will become the benchmark for this team?

Only the players can provide the answer.


Anonymous said...

Think the Aussies' were just frightened of the black jerseys running at them... a case of "fear conditioning"... :D

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. That "fear conditioning" comment is funny.