Saturday, 13 November 2010

Element of Surprise

I really like Will Greenwood's suggestion about how England should approach today's game against the Aussies.

He proposes that, as soon as England have a restart, the forwards should form a scrum on the halfway line behind Toby Flood who should then kick the ball straight into touch. Then, as it dawns on the Australian pack what is about to happen, one of the England players might say: "Hello chaps, I know you are keen to run around today but first of all you will have to scrum and then remove your head from your backsides."

In fairness it might be England's best chance today. And it could all go horribly wrong if the Australian scrum holds up.

More here.

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Pablo said...

So sorry to burst the bubble, but from a k/o straight to touch, the Aussies have the option of another kick, scrum at the centre, or accepting the kick and taking line-out on halfway.

Some quick witted Aussie back would likely grab the ball, sprint to halfway and take a quick throw-in.