Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Play On

Blimey - after Forever Strong and Invictus comes yet another rugby movie.

Play On is due to be released next month and tells the story of "wayward Scottish rugby star" Keir Kilgour who flees his rugby background in a delusional pursuit of greater stardom in the high-profile world of professional American football. When is quest inevitably fails he stumbles upon the Kansas City Wanderers, a failing second division rugby club...

Now, given that my last 3 trips to the cinema involved sitting through Shrek 4, Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me, I'm hardly Barry Norman when it comes to film reviews but clearly the use of the words "Scottish", "rugby" and "star" in the same sentence mean that Play On requires a willing suspension of disbelief. I also suppose a movie wouldn't be a movie (especially one made in the US) without there being some kind of  moral dilemma for the 'hero' to resolve somewhere along the way and from the trailer it does look as if the usual rugby stereotypes put in an appearance.

Still, the fact that the movie has been made at all has to be encouraging for the sport and any movie with Gavin Hastings making a cameo appearance has to be worth a giggle.

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Nursedude said...

I thought Dispicable Me was hysterical.

In all seriousness, I guess it's a good news/bad news thing with movies with a rugby theme making it to the silver screen. I guess as an American rugby fan I would say that any publicity the sport can get is good publicity.