Thursday, 20 January 2011

Justice (of sorts)

Welcome news last week that Maidstone RFC have been docked 50 points at an RFU hearing in the wake of the Clarence Harding eye-gouging incident.

Although the club were also fined a fairly paltry £2,000, the points deduction - which means that Maidstone now  face certain relegation from London 2 South East  - is at least a statement of intent that gouging will not be tolerated.

Some might say that punishing the club for the actions of one unidentified player is somehwat draconian.

I think not. Maidstone had their chance to identify the guilty party and chose not to. End of story.


Anonymous said...

The problem with the punishment is that, if Maidstone are relegated, it also punishes the teams in London South East 3. There are two promotion places and Maidstone will probably now take one of those, if they keep their players. So the LSE3 teams who have been striving for promotion for years will have had their opportunities halved next season.

Nursedude said...

It's harsh, but necessary. At What cost a player's eyesight?

James M said...

"If they keep their players".

Big If. Would you go to a club with that reputation?

Anonymous said...

It certainly is a big IF. i am not sure of the circumstances of the incident but there cannot have been more than 4 or 5 Maidstone players who had access to the guy's eyes.

So all but one of these will know they are totally innocent BUT will also know that others have a suspicion about them. I am not sure that they will have great team spirit.

On another matter, would it not be a good idea if any unused penalty points are carried over to next season?

anne bebbington said...

To be honest I feel the club should have been forced to disband - any club who refuses to name and shame the perpetrator of that sort of assault doesn't deserve to continue to function!

rugbydad said...

I think Anne B has hit the nail on the head there. How can a club knowingly tolerate one of it's players nearly blinding an opponent? They should have named and disowned him immidiatley. Shame on them.