Saturday, 22 January 2011

Rebel Rebel

Having slotted 5 conversions in Melbourne Rebels' 54-0 demolition of Tonga it would be nice to think that Danny Cipriani is finally just letting his rugby do the talking.

His recent revelations, however, that he has undergone counselling for depression suggest otherwise. On the one hand you might think that such a high profile figure admitting such frailty is laudable. On the other hand it again appears evident that Cipriani still feels the need to lead his life under the public gaze which is somewhat ironic given that, almost in the same breath, Cipriani insists he is in Australia to play rugby and lead a quiet life.

Rebels coach Rod MacQueen blames a media obsession with the former Wasps no 10, complaining that "it’s very difficult when we're building a new team and we're always hearing about Danny. It's disappointing for him but that's one of the reasons he's come over here, to get a fresh start."

Whilst the paparazzi aren't exactly blameless, Cipriani hardly helps himself, recently escorting former Neighbours star Stephanie McIntosh to a club function whilst having also been linked with Australian X Factor contestant Tamara Jaber since moving down under. Far be it for me to suggest, but the last time I looked it wasn't compulsory for rugby players to date celebrities (no matter how minor).

The shame of it all is that if he does focus on his rugby there is a huge opportunity in Melbourne for him to develop into a seriously world class player. He has natural talent in abundance and the Super 14 (or 15 or whatever it is these days) may just be the making of him.

Sadly, however, I fear it may all end in tears.


Steve Munford said...

Great comment about the celebrity status mate, very true. I guess he will always be a sucker for the limelight, shame for him, as long as Martin Johnson has got the job he won't get a look in for England.

Miguel Ángel said...

A beermat with the Sweet Low Sweet Chariot lyrics, and a video sung by UB40 in a rugby enviroment