Sunday, 6 February 2011

Gavin L'Eglise

Clearly not content with all those highly-paid footballers grabbing the headlines on transfer deadline day, one of the more interesting snippets I missed last week was the decision by the artist formerly known as Gavin Church to leave Saracens after only 4 games (and only 1 start) to join the mercenary foreign legions at Toulon.

Obviously this was purely a decision based on rugby and the fact that it will now be much easier for him to see his 2 London-based children, one of the reasons given by our orange friend for wanting to leave the Hairsprays last year.

No doubt he will also be taking intensive French lessons and will be immersing himself in the local culture. Or perhaps not - although at least with the climate down there he should save himself a few bob on fake tan.

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