Monday, 7 February 2011

Observations in the cold light of day

OK, with a bit of time to digest the weekend's Six Nations action, here are some very brief observations:

ENGLAND - good, at times very good, but I wonder in hindsight whether we'll all be thinking "well, it was only Wales."

WALES - rubbish, with one or two exceptions (Bradley Davies, Jonathan Davies). Thing is, they've been consistently poor for some time now and yet no one appears to be seriously questioning Gatland's position.

IRELAND - phew, just got away with it. Outmuscled upfront and mostly contained behind - Ferris and Heaslip can't come back quickly enough.

ITALY - did what they always do at home and made life bloody difficult for the opposition. Almost a famous victory and it would have been fully deserved.

FRANCE - mesmerising at their best, but it's being conveniently forgotten that they conceded 3 tries and looked shaky in defence against a team hardly known for its try-scoring prowess.

SCOTLAND - can take heart from certain aspects of their performance and in Richie Gray they appear to have unearthed a monster. Euan Murray, however, might now want to also consider opting out of playing on a Saturday.


BoneOnBone said...

sorry but ive got to disagree flank, Gatland has been on a very poor run but Wales cannot sack another manager this close to the WC (no matter how much i'd like to see a new face) the whole game needs a refurb here, there are only 3 Welsh teams who contribute internationally and really at most 3 players competing for each red jersey.


Steve Munford said...

Would have to agree with the France comment. Everyone is lavishing praise on them but their defence looked very suspect against a Scottish side which is allergic to tries. If the Twickenham crowd can cause the usual French anxiety, England should have no problem in putting Les Bleus away.


Nursedude said...

The other thing that has to be noted of Scotland,is that they were missing their other Killer B, Beattie. Actually, the French press has been concerned about the fact that the Scots scored 3 tries.

I could not believe how badly Murray was outplayed at the tight head.

slugso said...

I think Scotland can progress, and England will have to sharpen up for anyone who truly turns attacks on them. And their handling could be better ... but, they did it. The trophy could be theirs to lose. France? Its like Holland in a football WC pool "You get four ... we'll score five".

GazP said...

Well I nearly had an aneurysm watching Ireland. Outside of that excitement it was a dreadful match. If we don't improve it will be a cricket score against the French.

Eng/Wales something of a mixed bag. Eng looked competent, Wales poor. w/r Gats, the WRU have given him their full support, that will be goodbye then.

France/Scotland - game of the weekend. Both teams looked good. Liked the look of Richie Gray but don't know why he has nicked Boris Johnson's hair

rugbymad said...

Have to agree with BoneonBone here, there is no way they will get rid of Gatland in a World Cup year.

Think Wales have the ability to turn it around against Scotland but Hook has pull the strings to release the back 3.