Friday, 25 February 2011

On the move...

Mathew Tait's proposed move to Leicester Tigers, having last week been released  from his contract with immediate effect by Sale Sharks, is probably the best thing that can happen to him.

A real talent who, during the 2007 World Cup looked as if he was only a step or two away from breaking through on the world stage, the last few years for Tait have been rather disappointing.

Selectorial foibles, fluctuating form, injuries and being in a (mostly) poor Sale team have all contributed to his lack of progress. The thing is, looking back, I don't recall Tait ever really having had a stinker for England. Even on his debut in 2005 (where he was smashed twice in tackles by a certain tangerine-skinned Welsh opponent), he didn't play that badly. He has, however, failed to convince completely in an England shirt and is currently well down the pecking order, especially given the current preference for behemoths in the centres.

The move to the Tigers, therefore, can only be a good thing. Being around top players, top coaches and, most importantly, a winning culture, can only improve his prospects. Just look at Toby Flood.

Too late for this year's World Cup? Probably, but at 25 Tait's still young enough to be around in 2015 and much can change in 4 years. I do feel that it will be England's loss if they do not find a way to make the most of his talents.

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