Thursday, 10 March 2011

Is this really the best you can manage?

Back to matters of national importance...

Buckingham Palace has announced that the Queen's grandaughter Zara Phillips and her rugby international fiancé Mike Tindall are to marry in Edinburgh on 30th July.

Even more momentous (if it were possible) is the news that Tindall's best man is to be none other than one of this blog's all-time favourites, former England fullback and cock-up merchant Mr Iain Ballsup.

In moments like these I find myself asking what the odds are likely to be of the wedding rings being passed without mishap from one of England's most error-ridden fullbacks to a man with all the handling ability of a breeze block?

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Steve said...

First thought that came to my head before reading the end of this blog was the rings being dropped on handover