Saturday, 5 March 2011

The truth will out?

Blogging being such an instantly disposable form of communication, it is often the case that I might get on my high horse about something and then completely forget about it and move on, never to mention it again.

I am pleased, therefore, to have remembered to go back and investigate whether there had been any developments in the story of Tuui Radrava.

Radrava, you may recall, was a York Railway Institute player who suffered a serious brain injury earlier this season following an alleged on-pitch assault during a home match against Thornensians RUFC.

Three Thornensians players were arrested during the North Yorkshire Police investigation into the injury. It turns out, however, that  back in December all three men were released without charge and the police investigation was closed.

The matter, it appears, was referred to the RFU. Since then, silence.

If anyone can cast any light on events then please feel free to do so. In the meantime I shall remain Holmes-esque in my determination to get to the truth.


Steve Munford said...

Really hope this gets sorted soon and if it was a result of foul play then the RFU and the police have to come down hard on those responsible. It is really sad to hear about these types of injuries.

BigDai said...

Looks like its still pending

The Truth seeker said...

Not much of a detective as this was sorted weeks ago and you will be surprised by the outcome