Thursday, 7 April 2011

Not good enough

Like the Quinnell family, I am somewhat shocked by the Welsh Rugby Union's decision to drop a citing complaint over an incident that led to Gavin Quinnell losing the sight of one eye.

The incident occurred last October when Quinnell was playing for Llanelli against Cross Keys, following which an unnamed Cross Keys player was arrested by Gwent Police. After the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to bring charges the matter was investigated by the WRU who this week came up with the following statement:

"The WRU disciplinary panel did not uphold the citing and a subsequent appeal lodged by Llanelli RFC was dismissed by the WRU appeal panel."

Not good enough. As far as I am aware, the WRU have given no reasons for their decision. Is it a question of insufficient proof (which in itself is a sorry state of affairs), or was Quinnell in some way culpable?

Whatever the reasons, this is a career ending injury for a 26 year old and the WRU owe Quinnell and his family somewhat more than this terse statement.

Meanwhile I see that Mark Cueto has been cited for making contact with the 'eye or eye area' of Northampton lock Christian Day last weekend. TV pictures show Cueto pushing his fingers into Day's face (near the eyes) during a fight in Saturday's Premiership match. Cueto will find out his fate on Monday and faces a minimum 12 week suspension if found guilty. My question, however, is this:

What on earth was he doing fighting with a 2nd row?


RedYeti said...

The video footage of Cueto is pretty damning... looks properly malicious in slow motion, which really surprises me as out of character for old Mark. Probably going to miss the WC now :(

Steve Munford said...

They surely have to at least offer up an explanation for taking no further action. This is a guy's rugby career we are talking about, some sort of justice has to be done. I really was stunned to hear this news. I don't know how the appeal process works but it seems farcical to me that this can just be swept under the carpet