Friday, 20 May 2011

But seriously...

Subsequent to my previous tongue-firmly-in-cheek reactions to the below events, please find below my carefully considered and mature responses:

An utter shambles. Having completely undermined their Chief Executive, the blazers at the RFU still didn't get their man and have made themselves and their organisation look ridiculously out of touch (again). Sir Clive is well out of it, and if I were John Steele I'd be dusting down my CV.

A very, very luck boy. Judge Blackett's reasons for only imposing a 5 week ban are pretty much unfathomable. If rumours are to be believed, young Manu is still being seriously considered for the World Cup squad. If he does make it, what kind of message will that send out?

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anne bebbington said...

Oh dear 'Old Farts' 1 - 0 Common Sense - the RFU can be so frustrating sometimes