Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Having found that the world did not come to an end on Saturday evening (some Northampton Saints fans may disagree), yesterday evening did nevertheless see the members of the Wii Fat Touch Rugby team ascend to a higher plane of existence as we took on an excellent Watford BaaBaas.

A great game, very competitive and played in a good spirit by all, saw the Watford defence pretty much impossible to breach. One first half trademark TF dummy did create a glimmer of an opportunity but, with my acceleration being about as effective as a Ryan Giggs superinjunction, the chance was quickly snuffed out. We, meanwhile, were continually stretched in defence and in the second half were clinging on by our fingernails as the game headed towards an improbable 0-0 draw.

Then, with the last move of the game, we worked an overlap to send young Richard over in the corner and seal a ridiculous 1-0 victory. Rapture!

The initial feeling afterwards was that we’d nicked a somewhat undeserved win. However, for a team which included 2 kids, 3 women and 5 blokes in their 40s to beat a team of fit young guys all in their 20s/30s (the organisers having somewhat unwisely decided to ditch the 2 women/kids rule this year) was, on reflection, quite some achievement.

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