Tuesday, 28 June 2011


The WRU has confirmed that Mike Phillips has been reinstated to the Wales squad after he issued a public apology following his recent burger-related altercation in Cardiff city centre.

The full public apology reads:

“This is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me in my career. I am ashamed at what happened and I am determined to put things right.
“As a player I’m really passionate and never back down and I’m the same when I’m out on the town. I can usually handle myself pretty well in a fight but that McDonalds bouncer was just way too tough.
“I have realised I have an issue with the way in which I choose who to pick on. I have sought, and will continue to seek, help and advice in relation to that issue. I’m not going to lie to you, that bouncer looked a bit of a fatty but he was so much stronger than he looked.
“I am a professional rugby player and I really should be able to handle some fat bugger outside McDonalds. I have let myself down as well as my family, the fans and my teammates.
“I now fully recognise that I need to up my game and will be picking on smaller blokes from now on.”
Wales head coach Warren Gatland also chipped in:

“Mike's inability to get past the McDonalds security fella was a real disappointment. We expect better of our players and the matter was dealt with decisively and properly.
“We have taken into account all the relevant issues and Mike’s apology in taking the decision to reinstate him in the extended squad.
“An important factor in allowing Mike back into the squad was the fact that our other scrum halves are even worse. Richie Rees was beaten up by a sales assistant from Mothercare last week and Dwayne Peel is receiving treatment having lost an arm wrestle against Miss Swansea.
“We’ll be working with Mike in training to help if he gets into scraps in the future. We’ll start with Adam Jones sitting on Mike’s head this afternoon.”


PACSFerret said...

You looking for a job in Private Eye or something?

easyrod said...

Never tackle a Mickey D

miff said...

Great Stuff

miff said...

Great stuff!


tinlegs said...

Last year the whole of the Sale Sharks back row struggled to get past the raffle ticket seller at the local Derby & Joan club...