Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Chronic lack of pace - an explanation

Following Paul Radcliffe's "disaster" in ONLY running the weekend's BUPA London 10k in 33 minutes and 17 seconds (second in pathetic performances only to Usain Bolt's SLUGGISH 9.91 seconds for 100 metres last night) the marathon world record holder explained:

"It's sciatic pain and I just lose power in my just felt like I didn't have any power out there".

Thank you Paula! I now have an explanation for my chronic lack of pace. It's not old age at all. It's sciatica.

Despite my disability I was able to make a contribution to a depleted Wii Fat team last night as we won our touch rugby encounter 9-3 against a decent Globetrotters team, although given what I now know about my MEDICAL condition, it came as no surprise that I once again failed to meet the acquaintance of the tryline.

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