Friday, 17 June 2011

Dear, oh dear, oh dear

PICTURE: Welsh scrum half and former Mr Duffy, Mike Phillips, being 'restrained' by bouncers outside McDonalds in Cardiff city centre in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

A few questions/observations:

(1) Once again the off-field behaviour of international rugby players is called into question, particularly Welsh ones.

(2) For once the WRU and the Welsh management have taken a hardline (if not consistent) approach.

(3) Perhaps Warren Gatland should think about calling the bouncer into the Welsh squad?

(4) I may have missed something, but since when did McDonalds employ bouncers?


BigDai said...

I certainly think the bouncers could be working with Shaun Edwards on Wales defensive coaching.
If I was running any late night business in Cardiff I'd employ bouncers too.

BoneOnBone said...

Tacklers not releasing, he should be pinged!