Thursday, 30 June 2011

Early prediction

Scotland will win the Rugby World Cup 2011.

I know, as predictions go, it's a little "out there" but the result does look somewhat inevitable after the announcement earlier this week that Scotland will be wearing a "revolutionary" new Canterbury rugby shirt at the World Cup incorporating "iconic" (?) gold detailing and featuring the new Loop 21 collar design and latest fabric technology.

Simply put, it's the strongest shirt that Canterbury have ever produced and, according to the blurb, provides improved sweat evaporation, enhanced freedom of movement and superior shape retention whilst improving the players’ ability to evade tackles and providing bespoke position-specific support to enhance movement.

With a shirt like that how could they possibly lose? Scotland for the World Cup.

Or maybe Wales.

You see, not to be outdone, the WRU has announced that Wales will be sporting their new Under Armour "state-of-the-art" kit in New Zealand which, they say, will be the most technologically advanced kit on display in the tournament. With shirts made from military grade fabric and featuring new “ArmourGrid” and "ArmourGrip" technology, the kit has, we're told, been engineered by Under Armour to provide “no-grab” jersey and shorts, which are both lightweight and mapped to the athlete’s body to give maximum mobility.

So there you have it - Wales for the World Cup. Or Scotland. Or any other team sporting Canterbury or Under Armour kit.

Everyone else may as well not turn up.


Kim said...

Have you seen the French monstrosity announced today? They're more likely to be laughed off the pitch than anything else....

Total Flanker said...

I hadn't. I have now. Bloody awful and, worryingly, Nike also design England's kit.

France for the World Cup.