Monday, 13 June 2011

Good effort

Away from the Machiavellian machinations at Twickenham and back to the stories that really matter...

Well done to Mike Tindall and pals for managing to rack up (at least according to the somewhat outraged Daily Fail) a $20,000 bar bill at the "hedonistic" LIV club in Miami Beach while on Tindall's "alcohol-drenched" stag weekend (is there any other kind?)

Iron Mike, who marries the Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips in six weeks time, has obviously rediscovered his capacity to imbibe vast quantities of booze - previously demonstrated (allegedly) in 2003 by his narrowly failed attempt on David Boon's 1989 record of drinking 52 in-flight cans of lager en route from Sydney to London.

Tindall's performance also suggests that he is fully recovered from the lacerated liver suffered against Wales in the 2008 6 Nations.

Having said that, given that Tindall's best man is none other than former England fullback Iain Ballsup, what's the betting that the majority of drinks were spilt?

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