Saturday, 18 June 2011

Hey Joe


The above was the result of the encounter between Wales and New Zealand earlier this week at the IRB Under-20s World Championship (and guess who scored the 92).

The humiliating defeat for Wales' officially designated "second senior registered team" (according to the WRU) was, in the opinion of Joe Lydon, the WRU's Head of Rugby Performance & Development, all to do with Welsh youngsters not being given enough opportunities in the Celtic League.

That's bollocks Joe, and you know it. 92-0? It's a result that simply should not be possible in a match between two supposedly top tier nations at any level.


John Birch said...

Weird stuff happens in age group rugby. A couple of years ago England's U20 women's team beat USA 110-0 in the FINAL of the Nation's Cup - England were the better team, but not by that much.

Rugby scorelines do tend to exaggerate differences anyway, but the other issue here is that these are players barely out of their teens - they were children a couple of years ago. As a result when stuff goes wrong they are much more likely to crumble - they do not have that grounding in experience and maturity that older players have.

Which is not to say that there is not a problem with the Welsh U20s, just that there are better explanations.

tinlegs said...

I actually watched the match on S4C and it was nothing to do with being young - New Zealand were the same age - it was just that the Welsh were rubbish; New Zealand ran through them at will.

The tackling, the scrum, the line-out and the linking was poor in the extreme. The coaches should look at the match before making excuses.