Friday, 15 July 2011

Back in Black

(very poor artist's impression)
So, having beaten Australia in November by wearing dark grey (sorry, anthracite), it looks like England will be going one step further in the autumn by wearing an all black kit in their opening match of the World Cup against Argentina.

Apparently both the shirt and the shorts of the new ‘away’ kit are to be jet black.

I have previously made known my views on the constantly changing England kit. Nothing suprises me anymore.

The only positive I see with the new black kit is that it’s likely to wind up a few Kiwis which, in my experience, is never a bad idea.


Ferdy said...

As a New Zealander, I find it funny and a huge compliment to the All Blacks. English rugby has always been obsessed with the mystique of the All Black shirt, so much so that Clive Woodward and his rather inept Lions of 2005 had the word "All Black" banned in camp.

I see the English marketing sense of humour but I still don't think it will make them any better on the field. But bring it on anyway! Let the games on and off the field begin!

Nursedude said...

I am a bit surprised that it has taken this long for an international rugby team to come up with a black uniform as it's alternate.

Here in the USA, we went through this back in the 90's with ice hockey teams and American Football teams going with the black uniforms because they looked more menacing-and they generated a lot of sales.(Look at old Hip hop videos from the early 90's, you see a lot of inner city black kids wearing Los Angeles Kings Jackets, and Ice hockey is not exactly a big game in "the hood.")

In the past decade, you have seen teams like Manchester United and Olympique de Marseille comme up with a black alternate uniform.

I guess the other way to look at this is, if you cannot beat them, dress like them. One thing for sure, Nike is going to sell a lot of those Black England jerseys.

tinlegs said...

Another, cynical gimmick! A poorly disguised attempt to get more more money from the hard done to England rugby fan. I'm sure there's a big competition coming up...

slugso said...

Why do they need a bloody alternate strip at all? They will only wear it once at the World Cup, against the Pumas (light blue and white stripes). Smacks of desperation to me.