Monday, 4 July 2011

The beginning of the end?

I note with interest the fact that on the all new singing & dancing South African World Cup shirt (for technical blurb please see comments on the Scotland version below) the Springbok symbol has disappeared from the front.

Admittedly the Springbok does still make an unobtrusive, almost apologetic appearance on the sleeve of the shirt and it may be that the explanation is nothing more sinister than something having to make way for the RWC logo on the front.

However, while I acknowledge that I am possibly one of the least qualified individuals to be blogging about South African politics, I do wonder whether the Springbok will ever make it back to front of shirt prominence?


Craig Anthony said...

It wont it was agreed a few years ago that this would be the way forward due to connotations that the springbok has with apartheid. Its a shame in some ways but you can understand the want to move away from those days.

Bradliv said...

I stopped supporting the springboks when I heard corrupt politicians/criminals enforced this absurd jersey change. Go Eagles!