Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A clear case of over-egging the pudding

In a further shock development at the RFU it was today revealed that the Twickenham Stadium is now facing a vote of no confidence.

In a booze-soaked after hours lock-in at a West London public house last night, a group of influential RFU Council members are said to have put the world to rights following the leaking of a 97 page report by Jeff Judge Blackett which concludes that the Twickenham Stadium has palpably failed in recent years in its role as England’s 16th man.

It is believed that the 58-strong Council will demand, at an emergency EGM to be held later this week, that the Twickenham Stadium stands down as home of English rugby with immediate effect, a move which will leave the RFU with no permanent CEO, no chairman, no performance director and now no stadium.

However, in a move certain to cause further controversy, it is also understood that the RFU Council will authorise Bill Beaumont to do "whatever it takes" to persuade the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to resign its position with the WRU to become England's national stadium and, despite the objections of the WRU, the Millennium Stadium is expected to arrive for talks in South West London at the end of the week.


Gareth said...

TF - I can see you've wrung some mileage out of this saga. To be fair its too good an opportunity to miss.

What a complete and utter shambles. Thank god FIFA have been caught with their own pants down or the footie boys would be laughing their socks off

tinlegs said...

Just heard that Murrayfield is green with envy...