Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Damp squib

The bubble had to burst sooner or later...

...British summertime finally caught up with the Wii Fat touch rugby team as we suffered our first defeat of the season last night in very soggy conditions to the very inappropriately named Old Gits. A 5-2 scoreline more or less tells the whole story - we were, for once, very poor in defence and, much like last week (where we scraped a 2-1 victory) we lacked ideas in attack. Caps duly doffed to the opposition (apart from one particular individual who was lucky to get away with not being punched) - they were just better than we were on the night.

From a personal perspective I put in plenty of effort and worked hard (fitness has clearly improved) to absolutely no effect whatsoever.

And so we're left with the prospect of being bridesmaids for the second year running, a highly unlikely 18 point victory next week in the final match against table topping Watford BaaBaas being the only way we can win the competition.

Another year of close, but no cigar...

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tinlegs said...

Yeah! I suppose I should get back out there and do some training ready for the fourths' next season...who am I kidding? There's still one more beer in the fridge so I'll start next week.