Sunday, 17 July 2011


A story I missed last week was that Marc Cécillon, former French captain and no.8, has been released from prison on parole.

Previously known as the 'Quiet Man' of French rugby, Cécillon was convicted in November 2006 of drunkenly murdering his wife, shooting her five times, after she refused to leave a party with him in August 2004.

At the time of his trial Cécillon was painted as a tragic figure who had descended into alcoholism, unable to deal with life following his retirement from professional rugby in 1999. Clearly the events of August 2004 show a man who had reached a very dark place.

So now he's free and can rebuild his life with his new wife. I'm tempted to wish him good luck, although I doubt the family of his former wife will feel the same.

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