Saturday, 9 July 2011

In the Red

Well done to the Queensland Reds for their victory over the Crusaders in the final of the Super Duper 15. I'd wager that not many had the Reds down as potential champions at the start of the campaign.

I must admit that for some time now I've had a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach about the Aussies and the 2011 World Cup, a feeling that just got one heck of a lot bigger.

Could this victory for the Reds be the start of something big for Australia this year?


Matthew Staines said...

I would not worry too much about Australia's RWC threat, while the Reds defence and two individual scores were excellent and the entertainment was first rate, as is generally the case with Super Rugby, had the match been refereed to the standard laws of rugby and not the special Super Rugby varient and/ or had Bryce exercised even an ounce of competency in his application of any laws and/or had the Crusaders maximised their significant scrum dominance then the Reds would have been well beaten. It is not impossible that these factors will again conspire to producer a similar outcome come the RWC but do note that under pressure Genia (try apart) and Cooper failed to provide the direction or decision making that champion sides really require.

tinlegs said...

Absolutely right Matthew; this doesn't bode well for the world cup.