Sunday, 24 July 2011


The 48-11 victory for England Women's U20 rugby team over the USA in last night's Nations Cup final means that not only have the English youngsters completed the season unbeaten, but in the space of just under six months they have beaten every other international women's U20 team on the planet.

Admittedly there are only six other U20 international teams (and, perhaps significantly, no New Zealand team) but you can only beat what is in front on you and it's still one heck of an achievement.

For the record the previous scores this season have been:

England 12 France  5 
England 77 Scotland  0 
England 32 Wales 19 
Canada 0 England  39 
USA  0 England 37 
England 66 South Africa 7

Many thanks to John Birch for bringing this remarkable achievement to my attention.

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