Monday, 1 August 2011

(Baby it's) All White Now

There are some that might say that I’ve become a tad kit-obsessed.

You’d be disappointed, therefore, if I didn’t at least acknowledge the launch of England’s new rugby kit today.

I may have mentioned previously my general disgust at how the RFU tends to launch a new England kit every 10 minutes but, while I stand by previous comments, I must say that the new all white kit – as white as the driven snow – is a pleasant surprise.

When France launched their new Nike kit for the World Cup, the portents were not good. It does appear, however, that the Nike design team were denied all access to mind-altering substances when given the England brief. Put simply, this is what an England shirt should look like.

Minor Quibbles:

- call me old-fashioned (and many do), but I would have preferred a collar; and

- white socks? The only way is Essex.


Nursedude said...

It looks better than the the All Blacks new kit with the white "pseudo-collar" on it.

It's a classic, clean look. (well, clean at the start of the game-I don't envy whoever has to do laundry on these all white kits with the moist New Zealand Spring looming)

tvrdoglavi said...

Yes, I definitely agree about the collar. It is ridiculous haw they make rugby shirts today... no tradition, nothing i sacred to them! I mean, other sports would kill if they had kept their tradition for over a hundred years (until 1995). The changes came gradually because they knew if they came on too radical, fans would laugh them out... but they succeeded in the end. They ruined the traditional shirt in the late 90s, early years of new century with those insane wide shirts (hip-hop street style influence?) where you could stop a man from 5 meters away just by catching his flopping shirt. Then adidas ruined the All Blacks (I never felt they were the real All Blacks without the white collar). I hate stupid arguments "designers" give, like: no collar - can't be grabbed by it (like that ever was a deciding factor in a game).
Anyway, glad to see other people think alike. I also hope we will see more and more proper rugby shirts on the playing fields. These cyclist/neon/upright/brightly-stitched uglies make me sad.
Also, one more opinion - rugby league turned back and makes more traditional shirts while rugby union turned away from tradition (even CCC since last world cup) so now league sides look much better and more appealing than union sides.
Sorry for babbling but rugby shirts are my passion (almost as huge as the game itself).
Regards from Croatia!