Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Best story of the RWC so far…

Michael and Sunette Adendorff, a South African couple in New Zealand to watch South Africa play in the Rugby World Cup, thought something was amiss as they drove around Eastbourne, Wellington, searching for the Majestic Hotel on Royal Parade.

Having stopped at  a local chemist's shop to ask directions they were bemused to find that Eastbourne did not actually have a hotel and, on checking the booking details, they discovered that the Majestic Hotel was, in fact, 12,000 miles away in Eastbourne, England.

"I booked into the right hotel, just in the wrong country," said Mr Adendorff.

An early contender for Dunderhead of the Week (or is that "Boofhead" of the week?).


Nursedude said...

I initially messed up making my hotel reservations in Sydney. I had the right days of the week, but the wrong dates. Luckily I caught it right before I signed off.

anne bebbington said...

oh dear - one wonders was '' at the end of the website not a clue?