Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Did Marc Le Fou have his Eureka moment in the bath this week?

Or is it simply the case that the injury to David Skrela, the ineptitude of François Trinh-Duc and the coach's preference to lose to the All Blacks on Saturday have conspired to produce the selection of Morgan Parra at fly half?

"Farce!" screams the NZ Herald, but of the French 22, apparently 14 have previously beaten the All Blacks (with 6 having beaten them twice). The French team may well be a collective basket case, but Parra's selection at 10 is so gloriously bonkers it could prove to be inspired. 

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John Birch said...

How would the game go if New Zealand wanted to avoid Australia and South Africa as well?

I am reminded of that soccer match where - because of some weird rule - both teams spent the last few minutes try to score in their own goal. (

Can't imagine that in rugby...?