Friday, 16 September 2011


And, no, I’m not talking about the conduct of England’s rugby players.

What really pisses me off is the way the British press have fallen over themselves to condemn England’s players and management following the so-called “wild” night at Queenstown’s Altitude Bar on Saturday night.

It’s been no surprise to see the ever-tolerant tabloids leap aboard the bandwagon – and The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Express and that most hateful of rags, The Daily Mail, have not disappointed. After all, groundless sensationalism is hardly an unexpected phenomenon amongst the gutter press.

What is astonishing, though, is how supposedly responsible and “serious” rugby journalists, who really should know better, have seen fit to join the feeding frenzy and write holier-than-thou judgemental drivel about how the England rugby team should or should not behave, such opinions clearly being based on no more than the crap from the very tabloids that these hacks are supposed to rise above.

The following correspondents in particular should hang their heads in shame:

MICK CLEARY – Telegraph
JAMES LAWTON – Independent

I don’t pay for a subscription to The Times so have no idea what stance its’ journos have taken, but take one look at the comments section under the lazy and ill-informed bile written by any of the above hacks to see what the real rugby fan thinks of such sanctimonious bullshit.

Bottom line: It was a night out, a few drinks were taken and a few photos posed for. Other teams have done the same (albeit without dwarves) to no press reaction whatsoever.

And the fact that reports are beginning to emerge that the blonde woman, supposedly “groped” by Mike Tindall, may actually have just been an old friend of Tindall and his wife, only serves to highlight just how low the British press is willing to stoop.

Rant over.

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anne bebbington said...

I had to smile at the interview with Martin Johnson when asked about this yesterday answered with his usual irony, and I quote: "Rugby players drink beer, shocker"