Saturday, 1 October 2011

Blessing in disguise?

Question: Although the severity of today's injury to Jonny Wilkinson will not be known until Sunday, could it turn out to be a blessing in disguise?

Having gone with Toby Flood as first choice at 10 for 12 months, the decision to restore King Jonny to the throne pre-World Cup was always an odd one for me.

Presumably the idea was that Jonny's boot would see us through but, as I've previously hinted, if he's not doing the business with his goal kicking then what's the point of him exactly?

Yes I know he tackles and hits rucks and works his socks off for the team, but it is evident that he's simply not in the same league as Flood when it comes to getting his backline firing. Ask yourself this - if Jonny had not been replaced by Flood today, would England have scored their try?

An injury to Jonny therefore lets Johnno off the hook in terms of making a difficult decision. Flood should start against the Basket Case XV next weekend.

That said, if Jonny is crocked there's precious little cover at 10. Next in line to be flown out to NZ is Charlie Hodgson - lord save us all.

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anne bebbington said...

Noooooo!!!! Leave Hodgson at home and bring out young Owen Farrell - Sarries can stand the loss for a few weeks for the good of the greater cause