Sunday, 16 October 2011


A ruthlessly physical performance today full of skill, intensity, athleticism and brutality. And that was just St. Richie of McCaw. I have to admit I have never before witnessed a man strip the ball from the grasp of another while upside down mid-somersault. Truly extraordinary.

The rest of the All Blacks weren't half bad either.

On the basis of today's performance we may as well just hand over the Webb Ellis trophy to New Zealand right now and save everyone the bother of turning up next Sunday. France simply haven't a prayer.


Nursedude said...

Man, what an intense game. Tough to pick a man of the match for me...Mealamu was great, and so were Dagg and Corey Jane. It seems like perfect Karma that it will come down to New Zealand and France in the final-particularly in view of those French upsets of the All Blacks in 1999 and 2007.

Scotty said...

Yeah, that was such a great performance, hopefully the All Blacks can play like that with so much intensity and focus next week!

anne bebbington said...

It would also be nice if the French could put up a bit of a fight next week if only to give all those people who've spent huge amounts of money on tickets value for their money and me a reason to get up earlier than usual on a Sunday morning please