Saturday, 15 October 2011

Glorious Failure

Hats off to Wales - a hugely brave, immensley committed and utterly  disciplined performance from the men in red today in the face of adversity and a series of unfortunate events - the loss of Adam Jones, the ridiculous sending off of their captain (red, Monsiueur Rolland, are you serious?), a conversion hitting the post and a last gasp penalty missing by inches.

With 14 men for over 60 minutes the performance was nothing short of heroic - and Toby Faletau in particular came of age as an international player of serious quality.

Wales have achieved much in this tournament, not least keeping the likes of Mike Phillips and Andy Powell off the front pages of the newspapers. Ultimately, however, for whatever reason, the Welsh campiagn has ended in failure - glorious failure undoubtedly - but failure nevertheless.

How very, very British.

This blog is now officially French.


Ferdy said...

Wow. You would rather a mediocre team win the RWC that has already lost two games in the tournament? No wonder English rugby standards have fallen so dramatically behind the rest of the world, when you're still celebrating stodge in this part of the hemisphere. Celebrate the game, celebrate teams that actually try to play positive decent rugby. France were wretched today. Against 14 men, they still couldn't score a try although they are very good at football hollywoods I notice. But sure, you don't like NZ for whatever reasons, haka, jealousy etc. You probably don't like Oz either because that's typical, the English are jealous of Australia. Face it, France don't deserve to be in the final. Wales did. It's a travesty. But you want to pin your hopes now on a team that has been crap because you've got a bee in your bonnet about the SH. Fine. But wow.

Total Flanker said...

Blimey Ferdy - your chain seems well and truly yanked.

I don't like NZ? Actually I'm a huge admirer of the All Blacks. Doesn't mean I support them against an NH team though.

I'll put your outburst down to the unfeasible amount of stress you kiwis are under...:)

Ferdy said...

You're right. I am STRESSED. (Still love your blog, even though you yank my chain from time to time). But France?! France?! ;-)

Gareth said...

I'm from the NH and I'm with Ferdy on this one. How can you support that miserable team?

Now if the French decide to revert truly to type, tear up the form book and play heavenly rugby then I will about face quicker than a LibDem politician.

But for now my shoulder falls behind the All Black wheel

Nursedude said...

One thing for sure, there has been a LOT of heated discussion in the past 15 hours on the rugby blogosphere about France-Wales...

I don't envy Alain Rolland the next time he has to ref a Magner's League match in Cardiff or Swansea.