Thursday, 17 November 2011

All aboard the bandwagon

The sport of Rob Andrew-bashing appears to be the latest craze sweeping the nation’s media in the wake of Martin Johnson’s resignation.

For reasons previously hinted at, it is not a bandwagon upon which this blog will be jumping.

It seems to me that certain journalists and commentators simply resent the fact that Andrew has somehow been able to survive amidst the political maelstrom that habitually engulfs the committee rooms and corridors at HQ.

By virtue of the fact that he is last man standing, Rob Andrew is a convenient target for what can only be described as a media witch hunt. And that, I'm afraid, is more than a tad pathetic.


GazP said...

Hmm, I'm not on the bandwagon but equally I am not in agreement that Rob Andrew is blameless.

He has presided over 3 failed coaches now, all honorable men, meanwhile he remains untarnished. As an executive that cannot be right. The media craze does have a whiff of burning torches & pitchforks but among the hysteria is a large streak of truth & his arrogant demeanour does not help calm the restless natives.

He is a competent administrator and the RFU needs that. I think Steele had it spot on, he is a good Ops Director. He doesn't have the balls or courage to do more than that.

I personally think that his political maneuvering means he has to go but if he stays he needs a strong CEO to put him in his place and a tightly controlled remit around Ops & Admin

Total Flanker said...

I didn't say he was blameless. He's not perfect. He's not John Eales:)

Fact is though that he was brought in while Andy Robinson was already in situ and recommended that Brian Ashton be retained as head coach.

And he can hardly be blamed for the fact that the RFU failed to recruit a Performance Director, meaning that he had to take up those reins again (with no CEO support as such) having been appointed Ops Director.

I'd agree that the CEO appointment should be the priority - everything else should flow from there...

GazP said...

TF, sounds like we are in violent agreement! Let Andrew run the Ops side & developing sides, he seems to have done a decent job at that. Let the senior Eng squad - 1XV and Saxons run under a different leader.

CEO is first step. What about SCW as an outside bet?