Wednesday, 23 November 2011


No, not leeks, LEAKS!
The revelations behind England's Rugby World Cup failure, contained in the three confidential reviews leaked to The Times, are shocking enough and, predictably, have spawned a plethora of “I told you so” articles from the holier-than-thou British press corps.

The fact that the three CONFIDENTIAL reports – by the RFU, by the players' union and by the professional clubs – were leaked in the first place is also utterly indicative of the current malaise at the top of the English game. The word ' disgrace' is overused but in this instance is entirely apt.

The only morsel of comfort is that, with this all now out in the open, England rugby might, just might, be able to (in the words of Edwyn Collins) rip it up and start again.


Nursedude said...

Flanker, what do you think of the RFU decision to go with a "as yet named" temporary coach for the Six Nations and not having the permanent head coach hired until the June tour to South Africa?

Total Flanker said...

Given how near the 6N is, it's the only option that makes sense - as long as the temporary coach is also given the opportunity to pitch for the main job. If Stuart Lancaster steps up and does a fantastic job then he ought to be considered.

I'd also hope that there will be some kind of succession planning. Let's say it ends up being Mallet in charge - I'd hope that he would appoint assistants (Mallinder/Lancaster for instance)who would then be in line to take over post 2015.

Some hope...