Thursday, 3 November 2011

Not before time

Reports are coming in of an outbreak of common sense in TW1 of pandemic proportions.

First came news that the machiavellian Martyn Thomas is being forced to step down from his highly paid role as acting CEO of the RFU as well as his role as as chairman of Rugby World Cup 2015.

Then came confirmation that the so-called independent review of England's World Cup campaign, commissioned by Thomas and led by his opinionated ally Fran Cotton, is to be abandoned.

What next? The removal of the discredited Management Board? The appointment of a competent CEO who is left to get on with his job? The appointment of an England head coach who is allowed to bring in his chosen coaching team? Has the world gone mad?

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Live Rugby Commentary said...

It's about time, but will changes actually have any time to take effect before the Six Nations?
Letting Johnson pick his staff may have instant results with player morale and team spirit, but will they pull it together enough to be judged well in the eyes of the public?