Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Off colour

Seismic changes across the Severn, as perennial underachievers the Ospreys ban fake tans and coloured boots.
As attempted re-brands go, the declaration that players are now not allowed to have a spray tan is pretty radical, and may go some way to explaining the absence of preening prima donnas Mike Phillips, James Hook and Gavin Henson from the Liberty Stadium this season.

Just to prove, however, that the Ospreys’ priorities may still be a little off-kilter, a player’s status at the club will now be judged by the colour of his boots, with players only allowed to wear coloured boots once they have played over 50 times for the Ospreys or over 15 times for their country.  

Coming up next: Ospreys announce that only the club captain may shave or wax his legs.

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