Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sweet Revenge

Ah, Chris Ashton.

Having last season been punched into next week by Manu Tuilagi, on Saturday he exacted his revenge by pulling Manu's brother's hair. Sweet revenge indeed.

This time last year Ashton was being talked about by many as possibly the best winger in world rugby. And today? A swallow-diving, dwarf-wrestling, maid-abusing, hair-pulling show off. Time to grow up.


anne bebbington said...

I agree - but I can't help secretly thinking it serves Tuilagi right for having such a stupid hairstyle - I mean it was rather tempting


Georgie said...

I'll laugh if they start serving punishments for Chinese Burns an' Bitch Slapping.

tinlegs said...

Time to grow up and go back to the other code...a one hit wonder!