Monday, 30 January 2012

Another no brainer


tinlegs said...

Someone has to get him back on the right path and soon; he's too good to give up on!

Von said...

Interesting point made by Paul Rees in the Guardian. He was just saying how Armitage was the only England player left at the end of the game signing autographs, chatting with the fans, having photos with the kids etc.

Doesn't excuse him getting arrested that evening but does show some redeeming qualities.

By the way - and now I guess I really am playing devil's advocate - he's only been charged with assault, not convicted yet. Does anyone know details of what led to the incident? Could be all kinds of mitigating factors. (Someone will inevitably respond saying well he shouldn't be in a situation where that type of incident might arise).

Gareth said...

I think Von makes two good points:

1. Under English law he is innocent until proven guilty of a criminal offence, but yet everyone seems to have judged him.

2. Am I the only one thats getting sick of this "they shouldn't put themselves in this situation" nonsense. On one hand we complain about them losing the spirit of the game, on the other they have to behave like a cross between the Dalai Lama and Mary Whitehouse.

I happen to think young Armitage is a bit of a tool and needs an old school forward to take him to the woodshed and read him the Good News, but that doesn't mean he deserves the public flagellation he is receiving.