Thursday, 1 March 2012


Luke Narraway's decision to sign for Perpignan next season is a tad disappointing.

Rightly or wrongly the RFU have made it clear that England will for the most part only select Premiership-based players. Narraway knows this but has decided to go anyway, despite his somewhat naive protestations that his England chances remain unaffected.

I suppose you can't blame the bloke for wanting to earn a few bob abroad but it's a shame as, Ben Morgan aside, England aren’t exactly awash with big, quick, ball-playing no. 8s.

Still, if he is not willing stay and compete for a place then perhaps he’s not made of the right stuff for this England squad after all.


Mort said...

This is the professional era. If England don't bother to put any effort in to keep him, why the hell should he stay?

Total Flanker said...

Therein lies the problem. If players are that far up their own backsides then we're better off without them.

Mort said...

Ok, slower this time for you. Professional. Money. So if ENGLAND isn't paying, then the professional player should move to whomever is paying. No backsides. No up. Just paying. Get it?

Total Flanker said...

Thanks for spelling it out for me. Clearly you have a vastly superior intellect.

Mort said...

What choice do I have? You didn't get it first time around so I clearly had to explain again. Slower.
Nice that you went for sarcasm. That is appreciated.
I suppose Guy Armitage is now also 'far up his backside'?

Total Flanker said...

OK, putting my natural sarcasm to one side :) I'll explain my thinking on this one...

I do 'get' professionalism. I just don't agree that it's just a question of following the money.

As you can see from the original post, I don't blame Narraway for going abroad to earn his living. If that's what he wants to do then it's no business of mine. I just think it's a shame seeing as he's a bloody good no8, is on the fringes of the England squad and could stay and fight for his place (and enjoy the financial reward that success would bring).

Look, I don't know the bloke so this is pure conjecture but the fact that he has chosen not to stay and compete for a place in the squad perhaps tells us something about him - i.e. if he's not prepared to fight for his place, is he what the team needs?

My comment about players being up their own backsides was not a direct reference to Narraway but more in response to your comment about England not bothering to "put in any effort to keep him". My point being, why should they? Are players really now so precious that they need their national union to make a special effort to keep them? (Of course I'm assuming here that Narraway hasn't been told that he's way down the pecking order - if that was the case then fair enough).

And no, I don't have any issue with Guy Armitage moving to Toulon given that he is currently nowhere near the national squad. Having said that I hope he won't end up qualified to play for France!

Perhaps I'd have been better off explaining myself earlier rather than making reference to backsides! :)