Sunday, 25 March 2012

Oh dear

Whoever ends up in charge of England certainly has his work cut out. Not only are 2 members of the Elite Playing Squad – Dylan Hartley and Callum Clarke – facing long bans if found guilty of serious on-field offences, scrum half Danny Care is in trouble again.

Care has been arrested, questioned and bailed by West Yorkshire Police following an alleged sex assault on a woman in Leeds in the early hours of Sunday 4th March, having already accepted a police caution for being drunk and disorderly on the very same night following his arrest for urinating outside a hotel.

There must come a point where enough is enough, when it’s time to give up waiting for the penny to drop. Care must now be perilously close to being thrown out of The Last Chance Saloon.


anne bebbington said...

He really is a prize prat!!!

The Mad Mailman said...

Innocent until proven guilty. The 'drunk and disorderly' complaint seems rather harsh as well. Relieving oneself in a public space is something few of us can claim total innocence of, but he knows he's on thin ice and should make an effort to behave himself under these conditions.

Total Flanker said...

If it was an isolated incident I'd agree with you but it appears to be becoming habitual.

As for the more serious charge, absolutely agree - innocent until proven guilty - but why put yourself in that position?

At this rate (with the possible citing of Ben Youngs this w/e) we'll have no scrum halves left in June.